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Chapter 184 Drunk

  • Shen Yu’an was sitting up straight on his chair and purposely said very nonchalantly, “You won’t understand.”
  • Si Junyan nearly puked blood when he heard this. “What do you mean by I won’t understand?! I’m also someone who’s getting married soon, ok?”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t play along with him and splashed cold water on him instead, “Yours is a marriage for business, mine is marriage for love. I’m someone with a wife and child now, so you won’t understand.”
  • Si Junyan was so upset by Shen Yu’an’s boastful tone of voice that he actually started feeling a little envious. “You think I should go see if I’ve got some illegitimate son out there? I’ve had so many girlfriends anyway.”
  • Shen Yu’an pushed the glasses on his nose. “Have you forgotten? You forced all the girls who got pregnant to go for an abortion.”
  • Si Junyan rubbed his nose and felt a rare sense of uneasiness. “That’s also true.”
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