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Chapter 18 Challenged

  • Su Meng had specially chosen to wear a gentle-looking professional wear in consideration that this was her first day at work.
  • She donned a long-sleeved, loose, white shirt and a light-pink pencil skirt, carried a black rectangular bag, and wore thick-strapped, white sandals.
  • Her long hair was straightened. Her makeup was light. Because of her simple look, she also wore silver dangle earrings. Overall, nothing on her made her stand out.
  • However, she had never imagined that an ensemble of clothes had become drab in Lin Xiyu's eyes.
  • Since Designer Lin did not welcome her, there was no need for Su Meng to please her either.
  • She withdrew her hand, smiled, and countered, "Ms. Lin, you dress is very simple as well, but don't you chase after trends for your customers too? So what does that imply? It means that a designer's ability and whatever a designer chooses to wear have no correlation. Ms. Lin, am I right?"
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