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Chapter 179 His Room

  • The interior of the house was also European styled. The furnishings were all made from luxurious materials and even the tea set that the servants brought over were made from silver.
  • Su Meng looked at the silver tea set on the gold tea table and there was a strange feeling in her heart.
  • So was Shen Yu’an just pretending by wearing casual wear all the time? Was he actually the type of wealthy guy who really liked gold and silver inside?
  • Mrs Shen saw that Su Meng hadn’t said anything since she got out of the car, so she thought that Su Meng was so stunned by the interior of the house that she was speechless.
  • She looked a little smug as she took a sip of water from the silver cup. “Su Meng, this is your house in the future, so make yourself comfortable and you can tell the servants whatever you need.”
  • Su Meng quietly nodded.
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