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Chapter 176 Agree to Live Together

  • When Mrs Shen asked her like that, Su Meng looked at Shen Yu’an. “This…Shen Yu’an might find it inconvenient, right?”
  • She said this as she tried to hint at him with her eyes. She was really afraid that Shen Yu’an would agree for them to live together.
  • They had signed a contract that said that they only needed to maintain the image of a loving couple to the public, but the agreement didn’t say that they needed to really go through it in private.
  • It wasn’t appropriate for a single man and a single woman to be in the same room.
  • Shen Yu’an frowned a little as he replied unhappily, “Mum, I can get a nurse. There’s no need to let Su Meng work so hard.”
  • But Mrs Shen frowned and looked suspiciously at Su Meng. “Shen Yu’an? Why are you so formal with him? Isn’t he your husband?”
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