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Chapter 173 Trending Online

  • Su Meng pulled out a brown notebook from her desk drawer and opened it. “I had a few questions that we haven’t talked about earlier. So I’m going to corroborate my answers with yours so that nobody notices any inconsistencies.”
  • “Go ahead.”
  • Su Meng could hear that there was no other sound besides the sound of pages turning and the striking of the keys on a keyboard, so she gently reminded him, “Aren’t you going to write these down so that you can familiarize yourself when you have time?”
  • But Shen Yu’an replied her with, “I have a photographic memory.”
  • These five words made Su Meng look at the notebook and pen on her desk and made her feel like an idiot.
  • She was a little frustrated as she picked up her pen. “Then you can start.”
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