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Chapter 172 For the Sake of our Marriage

  • Su Meng and Su Yankai were all dressed up as they went downstairs, and a middle aged man approached them wearing casual clothes. “Miss Su, I’m the driver sent by CEO Shen, and I’ll be in charge of driving you and Young Master around.”
  • Su Meng didn’t think that Shen Yu’an would still send a driver despite refusing his offer the day before.
  • She then helped Su Yankai into the car.
  • After getting in, Su Yankai suddenly asked Su Meng, “Mama, why didn’t Papa pick us up and let this uncle pick us up instead?”
  • Su Meng replied him gently, “Have you forgotten? Papa’s leg is injured and he’s still in the hospital now. So Papa sent this uncle here to pick us up.”
  • Su Yankai had already forgiven Shen Yu’an and actually missed him now.
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