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Chapter 169 Her Strange Mother

  • Hu Yang was truly wondering how she had raised such a woodblock of a daughter. She wanted to say more to Su Meng, but Shen Yu’an came in and she stopped herself. She smiled as she got up and asked after Shen Yu’an, “How’s your mother doing?”
  • She saw how Su Meng was still sitting on the sofa and used her knees to nudge her and was making eyes at her like crazy.
  • But Su Meng didn’t get any of her hints. She continued to sit lazily on the sofa and asked Shen Yu’an, “How’s she?”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t think Su Meng’s attitude was strange at all. Instead he felt that Su Meng’s mother, Hu Yang, seemed to be a little too nervous around him.
  • But for Su Meng’s sake, he was polite towards Hu Yang. “Auntie, have a seat.”
  • Hu Yang was full of smiles and even laughed when she heard this. “Anan, after today, I think you have to change this form of address.”
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