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Chapter 164 Preparing for the Press Conference

  • This new Su Meng looked like a completely different person from who she was an hour ago.
  • An hour ago, Su Meng was still in hospital clothes. And because she hadn’t slept well the night before, she looked very tired and looked like she was recovering from a major illness.
  • But after the makeup artist had applied her makeup, Su Meng changed into a plain white long dress that cinched her at the waist.
  • She was fair and tall with good body proportions, so the white long dress accentuated her fairness, her slim waist and her long legs. Her slightly permed chest length hair also made her look even more demure.
  • The makeup was very light, and was barely visible.
  • The stylist was a little nervous as she stood in front of Shen Yu’an. “We didn’t have much time and didn’t prepare a lot of clothes, so that’s the best we can do for the time being.”
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