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Chapter 162 The Sorrowful Yankai

  • Hu Yang’s words were firm and final. “I said I’m not going so I’m not going. I don’t care how you plead with me, I’m not going.”
  • Then she hung up again.
  • Su Meng held onto the phone and smiled bitterly as she said to Shen Yu’an, “I’m sorry, my mum probably won’t come.”
  • Shen Yu’an patted her shoulders to console her. “I’ll make the call, I’m sure she’ll come.”
  • He took the phone and called Hu Yang. Hu Yang picked up and replied impatiently, “I told you I’m not going. Are you deaf in one ear or something? Why do you keep calling?”
  • Shen Yu’an’s expression changed and he replied in a cold voice, “Hello, this is Shen Yu’an.”
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