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Chapter 16 Father

  • His classmates had watched Journey to the West before so when they had heard Little Kai Kai mention it, they surrounded him, wanting to see in person what Sun Wukong's son was like. As a result, Lyu Shan Shan was pushed to the back by the crowd.
  • The children looked at Little Kai Kai busily taping away on his phone. Suddenly, followed by Little Kai Kai's finger movement on the screen was Su Wukong riding on his cloud. Surprised, they jumped up in joy and clapped their hands.
  • Not willing to give up that limited-edition Barbie doll so easily, Lyu Shan Shan pointed at Little Kai Kai and yelled, "Liar! Sun Wukong knows 72 transformation! If you're his son, can you do it too?"
  • With a twirl of his finger on the tap, the phone that was originally in Little Kai Kai's hand instantly vanished.
  • "I am young, so I have not yet learned my dad's 72 transformation! I can only perform magic tricks."
  • His classmates watched as Little Kai Kai's phone disappeared from his hand. They searched everywhere, the table and the floor, but could find no trace of it. They then concluded that Little Kai Kai knew magic and was indeed Su Wukong's child.
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