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Chapter 159 Contract Marriage

  • Their eyes met, and while Su Meng’s eyes were completely clear, Shen Yu’an took only one look before he struggled free from Su Meng’s hands and looked at the table at the side, refusing to look at Su Meng.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, he even shifted his butt a little but kept a calm voice. “Didn’t you refuse this offer the last time? Why are you bringing it up again?”
  • His finger was twitching in a place where Su Meng couldn’t see, and he wasn’t sure if he was excited or frightened.
  • Su Meng didn’t notice anything strange about Shen Yu’an and thought that he was in a hurry to go to the office and didn’t have patience to listen to her.
  • But since she wasn’t injured, she quickly walked around the sofa and sat on the other side of Shen Yu’an. “Listen to me, getting married is the best plan right now. As long as I can show them my certificate of divorce with Zhao Zhijun, then show them the time between my divorce and Kaikai’s birth, those rumors about you being with a married woman won’t stand anymore, and you could even hire people to create some beautiful love story for us.”
  • Shen Yu’an didn’t say anything, so she continued.
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