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Chapter 151 Insults and Cold Words

  • Su Meng stared blankly at Shen Yu’an and laughed a little crazily, “How are you going to settle this?”
  • Shen Yu’an saw how Su Meng was on the verge of a nervous breakdown and felt so terrible in his heart. It felt even worse than the time his company couldn’t find any investors and he was on the brink of bankruptcy.
  • He wasn’t sure what sort of emotions he had at the time, but he stretched his arms out and pulled Su Meng tightly into his embrace. “It’s ok, I’m here.”
  • At first Su Meng was very agitated and refused to go near him. The moment she felt Shen Yu’an around her, she started kicking and punching him.
  • Shen Yu’an refused to let go even if she kicked his injured leg. He refused to let her go.
  • After a while, Su Meng relaxed and hugged Shen Yu’an, crying and bawling in his arms.
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