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Chapter 150 Truth of the Matter

  • Before Shen Yu’an could respond, Mrs Shen, who had been standing to one side with a sulky face, started speaking sourly, “My dear son flipped over from such a high mountain and only broke a leg, knocked his head and doesn’t need any operation on his limbs, so he’s been well protected by the Shen ancestors. But I feel that this whole thing has been unfair to my son. Why should he have to go through any of this in the first place?”
  • Mrs Shen saw that Su Meng was merely pale and had a few scratches. When she thought about how her own son had run into a lunatic because of this woman and broke a leg for nothing, she started getting angry.
  • Shen Yu’an frowned and said loudly, “Mum, I told you earlier right? This matter has nothing to do with Su Meng.”
  • His subordinate had not been careful enough, and was spotted when he sent the report to the tax department.
  • Someone told Zhao Zhijun about this, and after he had been investigated, his company went bankrupt and all his assets were seized, plus he faced possible jail time. So that was why he went crazy and did something stupid like this.
  • Mrs Shen angrily replied, “This matter has nothing to do with her? Who was the one who knocked into you two? Don’t think I don’t know! It was her ex-husband! Her ex-husband has nothing to do with you, so why would he knock into you for no reason? It was obviously because of this woman!”
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