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Chapter 15 Rumor

  • Liu Liyun was merely here to pick up her elder sister's daughter. When she had stepped out of car and waited by the school gate, she saw Su Meng smiling brightly as she and her son said goodbye to Teacher Wang. After that, they walked out and left.
  • Liu Liu's eyes swirled, and she warmly greeted Ms. Wang.
  • She was frequently at this school to pick up her niece. Ms. Wang had seen her a few times as well, so the two began to chat.
  • Playing dumb, Liu Liyun inquired, "That child whom you said goodbye to doesn't look familiar. Is he a new transfer student?
  • Ms. Wang pushed her black-framed glasses back and replied, "That's right. That child has just returned to the country a few days ago. He and his mom came here today for an experience. He will officially come to school tomorrow."
  • "Oh, I see. He looks very cute."
  • "Yes, he's very obedient but seems a bit shy. He doesn't talk to his mom very much either."
  • After Liu Liyun had picked up her niece, Lyu Shan Shan, and got into the car, she smiled at the young girl and asked, "Shan Shan, will you do a favor for Aunty?"
  • Lyu Shan Shan might be only five, but she was witty beyond her years. With a roll of her eyes, she answered, "Buy me the limited-edition Barbie, and then I'll help you!"
  • The limited-edition Barbie cost 40 to 50-thousand. Liu Liyun's smile turned rigid.
  • However, if 40-50 thousand can make Su Meng suffer, it is worth it!
  • "Okay! I promise you! Now give me your ear. Complete this for me, and I'll deliver the Barbie to your house tomorrow."
  • Lyu Shan Shan swifly nodded. "Yes, I'll make sure that I see to it done!"
  • Su Meng reached the house and began to wrap the books that they had brought home from school.
  • She was in a pleasant mood and even wrote colorful text and artwork that corresponded to the subject for all of Little Kai Kai's books.
  • For the art book, she had drawn a picture of Little Kai Kai sketching artwork, and for the story time book, she had drawn Little Kai Kai listening to stories as he lay on the sofa.
  • She was a designer and relied on her writing utensils and paper for a living anyway. Although her drawings were incomparable to those of a professional artist's, her pictures for children artwork were unique nevertheless.
  • Little Kai Kai liked them at the very least. He held his books tightly and refused to let go. His lips curled into a smile. For once, he displayed the cute, child-like side of him.
  • Su Meng teased him, "Who was the one that didn't want to go to kindergarten? Where did all these pretty books come from, huh?"
  • Little Kai Kai gingerly put his books inside his backpack, looked up at Su Meng, and retorted, "If I don't go to kindergarten, Mama won't wrap me books. Is that it?"
  • Little Kai Kai's side profile was somewhat cold, and those who looked at him felt the chill.
  • Su Meng repeatedly shook her head. "You are my son. Whenever you need Mama to help wrap books, Mama will undoubtedly wrap them for you."
  • Afraid that he was angry at her, she kissed him.
  • When Little Kai Kai lowered his head for her to kiss him, he giggled.
  • A new day arrived, and Su Meng dropped Little Kai Kai by the school gate. She was slightly concerned about Little Kai Kai's first day of kindergarten.
  • She crouched down and asked, "Do you remember Mama's number?"
  • Little Kai Kai nodded and reported her phone number.
  • "If there's something troubling you at school, just raise your hand and tell the teacher to give Mama a call, understand? Do not bully your classmates, and do not secretly play with your phone."
  • Little Kai Kai nodded a few more times, glimpsed his watch, and interjected Su Meng, "Mama, It's already 7:45. If you don't hurry to your office, you'll be late. I remember everything that you said. As a matter of fact, I have already remembered it all when you said it the first time."
  • Su Meng looked at the time. Indeed, time was ticking away. She then kissed Little Kai Kai, saw him off, and got back into the taxi.
  • Little Kai Kai followed his memory, entered New Sun's kindergarten classroom, found his seat, and pulled out his books and phone.
  • As he played his phone, a rotund, fair-skinned girl with pigtails leaned on his desk and loudly asked, "What's your dad's name?"
  • Little Kai Kai stared blankly at his phone and responded, "I don't have a dad."
  • As if she had heard something incredible, the rotund girl covered her mouth and screamed, "Everyone has a dad and mom! You don't have a dad, so that must means you are naughty! Your dad doesn't want you!"
  • Little Kai Kai coolly countered, "Sun Wukong (the legendary Monkey King who is said to have been born from a rock) exploded from a rock. I also came from a rock that my mom had laid. Therefore, I only have a mom and no dad."