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Chapter 148 Urgent Police Call

  • Su Meng looked in horror at Shen Yu’an.
  • There were questions in her heart but she knew this was not a good time to talk, so she just pursed her lips and didn’t say anything.
  • Shen Yu’an seemed to know what questions were in her heart, so he said without turning his head, “I was the one who got someone to send the incriminating tax evidence to the government.”
  • Su Meng suddenly understood and felt extremely guilty. She couldn’t help but shout at him, “Who asked you to interfere with this matter!”
  • She was scolding Shen Yu’an, but tears were streaming down her face.
  • “If you didn’t interfere with this matter, then you wouldn’t have run into that lunatic of a Zhao Zhijun, and this whole thing wouldn’t happen.”
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