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Chapter 140 Chased Out of the Car

  • The driver saw that Su Meng had a grim expression on her face and started laughing. “Miss, you just need to transfer fifty bucks to me and I guarantee that you’ll reach Starry Kindergarten. It’s just fifty bucks, that’s like one meal to you, so why be so stubborn over this?”
  • Su Meng started trembling in anger after hearing the driver’s shameless words.
  • She picked up her phone and prepared to call the police. She clenched her teeth and said, “I’d rather give that fifty to a beggar than to give it to you! I’m going to call the police now!”
  • The driver was surprised that Su Meng’s personality was the complete opposite of how small and fragile she looked. He didn’t expect her to be so fierce.
  • She was going to call the police over fifty bucks.
  • She was quick to take action too. She dialed the police and started speaking, “Hello, police? I want to report that I’ve been kidnapped!”
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