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Chapter 14 Kindergarten

  • Her mother's treatment of her after five years of not seeing each other, as if she were some venomous snake, made Su Meng very heartbroken.
  • However, with the thought of her darling son Little Kai Kai by her side, Su Meng became her usual, positive self after a night's sleep.
  • On the second day before the clock struck seven, she carried the sleeping Little Kai Kai into the bathroom, washed him up, and then placed him before the dining table.
  • Little Kai Kai's eyes were still partially shut, and his head hung low. Su Meng's heart tingled at the cute sight of him.
  • She set the bread and milk on the table, forcefully kissed Little Kai, and said, "Babe, don't sleep! Time to wake up! It's your first day at kindergarten. Can't be late!"
  • Upon hearing that he had to go to kindergarten, he quivered. In an instant, he became clearheaded.
  • "I don't want to go to kindergarten! I don't want to be friends with those runny-nose monsters and tear-welling demons!"
  • A year ago when he had been three years old, he had gone to kindergarten to study for a day. The moment that he had entered, his head had hurt from the endless cacophony of the children there. The next day, Little Kai Kai had locked himself in his room and refused to go ever since.
  • Su Meng spread jam on the bread, cut it into small pieces, and put it on Little Kai Kai's plate. She patiently explained to him, "Little Kai Kai, Mama has to work tomorrow. I don't feel safe with you being by yourself. There's no one to take care of you. Aunty's not here either."
  • The aunty whom she had referred to was Yuan Xinlei's father's younger sister who resided in their F Country's vacation house. It was that aunty who had looked after Little Kai Kai while Su Meng had been at work.
  • It was now just the two of them after they had returned to C Country. Unable to find a responsible adult who would babysit Little Kai Kai, Su Meng's only option was to send him to kindergarten.
  • Not to mention she thought that Little Kai Kai was too mature for his age. He was usually by himself, so she wished for him to make more friends who were around his age.
  • "I can take good care of myself!" Little Kai didn't touch the bread in front of him. Instead, he sat up straight, looked Su Meng straight in the eyes with determination, and continued, "I can set up cameras all over the house. I promise that you can see me whenever you want while you're at work."
  • Su Meng forked a piece of bread up to his mouth, waited for him to finish eating, and began, "Darling, Mama knows there are multiple methods from online on how to look after yourself. However, you are only four. What if you meet a bad guy? Mama's really concerned about you being home alone!"
  • She stared fixedly at Little Kai Kai. With the same feature, her misty, almond-shaped eyes were full of worry for him.
  • After a brief staring contest, Little Kai Kai gave in. He opened his mouth to the fullest and ate the bread whole. "Okay. I'll go, but Mama, here's the deal. If that kindergarten has a lot of runny-nose monsters and tear-welling demons, I won't go there again!"
  • She immediately nodded in approval after her darling son had agreed to go. "Yes, it's a deal."
  • After they had finished breakfast, Su Meng dressed Little Kai Kai in a light blue, plaid, short-sleeved shirt, long black plants, and black oxfords.
  • This outfit always made one appear polite and courteous. The only issue was LIttle Kai Kai did not like to smile. Paired with his expressionless face, he looked subdued.
  • Su Meng couldn't help but kiss him again. Little Kai Kai rubbed her saliva from his face.
  • She then changed into a light orange, one-piece dress and wore her hair loose, making her seem more cordial.
  • This was the first time that the two had gone to New Sun Daycare. As expected, they were warmly welcomed by the teacher.
  • Ms. Wang looked at Little Kai Kai quietly standing by Su Meng's side and thought that this child was very obedient.
  • New Sun Daycare was one of the top schools in their neighborhood. She was very satisfied after she had glanced the children's artworks on the walls and the overall atmosphere of the classroom.
  • When lunchtime came, she even ate lunch with LIttle Kai Kai. It was a balanced meal with meat and vegetables. The surrounding children were also very lively and adorable.
  • With worries out of the window, she decided to send Little Kai Kai here from now on.
  • Little Kai Kai had discovered that his classmates were somewhat dumb, but at least they weren't runny-nose monsters and tear-welling demons. Thus, he also decided to give this school a try.
  • The two of them stayed until dismissal. Along the way, the pair chatted and laughed as they got into a taxi.
  • Su Meng had not noticed Liu Liyun was standing right by the school's gate, but the latter had immediately spotted and watched her until Su Meng had disappeared from sight.