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Chapter 139 Taken for a Ride

  • Shen Yu’an watched as Su Meng gave him a smile as if to challenge him, and then get into another man’s car. He was so angry he scoffed.
  • “She doesn’t just not know what’s good for her, she’s so vengeful too!”
  • He was very sure that this woman was doing this because he had purposely left her at the kindergarten that morning.
  • He clenched his teeth, then turned the steering wheel and drove out.
  • It didn’t matter whose car she took since they’d still meet at Yankai’s kindergarten gate. He was going to see whether she still dared to get into someone else’s car if he got there and picked his son up first.
  • Meanwhile, Su Meng was in the car smiling to herself when she thought about that stunned expression on Shen Yu’an’s face.
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