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Chapter 137 Paparazzi Photos

  • The road leading to the kindergarten was jammed with parents sending their children to school, so even though Su Meng managed to call a cab, the car couldn’t reach the entrance at all.
  • She had no choice but to run one street down just to board the cab, so much so that her back was all covered with perspiration and the makeup she had applied so carefully this morning was melting.
  • She panted as she hopped into the backseat and quickly pulled out a mirror to touch up her make up. When she thought about how Shen Yu’an had deliberately abandoned her at the kindergarten gate, she couldn’t help but angrily say, “Men are all pigs!”
  • He must have done that on purpose. He would have guessed that it would be difficult to get a cab along that road itself, so she would definitely have to run at least one street down. He had purposely wanted to put her in a spot.
  • As for that pig she mentioned – Shen Yu’an suddenly felt very pleased as he drove the car towards his office. He thought about how that woman had to run at least a street away in her high heels just to get a cab and all the indignation of having to put up with that woman for the last couple of days disappeared.
  • But this good mood didn’t last for even an hour. After he saw the email from his PR director, any good feelings he had turned to ashes.
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