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Chapter 133 A Drawing in Exchange for a House

  • After lunch, Shen Yu’an became more and more indulgent towards Su Yankai. He even took the initiative to place Yankai on his shoulders and ran around the amusement park, making Yankai laugh so hard his face was all red, and his laughter never stopped.
  • When she saw how Su Yankai was so happy and smiling so widely, Su Meng felt that her decision to remain on friendly terms with Shen Yu’an was the right thing to do.
  • Boys still preferred playing with their fathers after all.
  • The three of them stayed in the amusement park until evening, and only sadly left for home after they had finished watching the night time fireworks display from the park’s restaurant.
  • On the road home, Su Yankai leaned on Su Meng and fell asleep after playing the whole day. Su Meng also couldn’t help but close her eyes from tiredness.
  • In her sleepiness, she felt a man place his jacket over the both of them.
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