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Chapter 132 Just You Wait

  • Su Meng thought that Shen Yu’an would do something out of anger, but strangely, he became speechless after a few words from Su Yankai, and even agreed to something so unreasonable.
  • On one hand, she was proud of her own son and was very touched at how he protected her so fiercely, but at the same time she also felt Shen Yu’an’s tender care toward Su Yankai once again.
  • If Su Yankai had a father who doted on him so much like that in the future, he would grow up into a better person, wouldn’t he?
  • When she thought about it that way, she told herself to forget all the unhappiness between herself and Shen Yu’an earlier, and to just remember that this man was Su Yankai’s father.
  • She told herself that since their difference in annual income and assets were extremely far apart, there were definitely differences in lifestyle and spending. As for touching her hand on the pirate ship earlier, that was just an accident and she didn’t need to think too much about it.
  • This man was the richest man in the country, so he must have seen tons of beautiful women in his life. Why would he be interested in her? That was just a gentlemanly gesture.
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