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Chapter 13 Neglected

  • Hu Yang sat on the sofa with arms crossed on her chest and glared at Su Meng with furrowed brows. "Why didn't you give me a call before you came?"
  • Su Meng sat down on the sofa, lowered her head, and held Little Kai Kai with her icy hand. "Mother, I'm sorry."
  • "What are you here for?"
  • "I just returned yesterday, so I wanted to see you and Uncle."
  • "Not leaving this time?!"
  • "Not leaving."
  • Hu Yang eyed the silent Little Kai Kai and queried, "So he's that child?! How old?"
  • Su Meng wanted to close the emotional gap between her and Hu Yang, She tugged Little Kai Kai's finger and smiled grudgingly, "Little Kai Kai, Grandma asked you how old you are. Well?"
  • Little Kai Kai coldly looked at Hu Yang and answered, "Four."
  • He was unwilling to speak any more than was necessary.
  • Hu Yang sensed that this child's temperament was surly and did not exude a child's cuteness at all. As a result, she despised him even more and refused to give him a second glance.
  • "Alright then! You've already seen me. My leg is fine, my body's good. I'm not stricken with any illnesses nor disasters. As long as you don't do anything shameful that makes me lose face, I'll be fine. You can leave now."
  • Upon hearing her words, Su Meng's nose stung and bile rose up within her.
  • She took a deep breath, picked up Little Kai Kai, and headed out the door. "Mom, I'm leaving. Take care of yourself."
  • Just then, Hu Yang's current spouse, Zhang, walked through the door with a grandchild in his arms.
  • Zhang noticed Su Meng and froze. He then broke into a courteous smile and inquired, "Su Meng, you're here! Why are you leaving now? Stay here for a bit longer."
  • Before Su Meng could open her mouth, Hu Yang had already replied on her behalf, "She has something urgent to do. Let her leave!"
  • Hu Yang then smiled, took the grandchild from Zhang, and cooed, "Oh my. Baby, where did you and Grandpa run off to? Ah, the park, right? Did you have a good time?"
  • Zhang nodded at Su Meng. "You two be careful on the roads."
  • Su Meng looked at how her mother lovingly coddled her step-father's grandchild. She had thought that once she reached her house, her mother would at least give Little Kai a hug. However, she hadn't even given them a cup of water this entire time. Su Meng's mouth grew dry, and her eyes began to redden.
  • Right after they had stepped out, the door shut with a bang. The warm scene of grandma and grandchild was equally out of her reach and sight.
  • With a blink, tears rolled down her cheeks.
  • Little Kai Kai knitted his brows as he watched Su Meng cry. Like a small adult, he wrapped his arms around her neck, wiped away her tears with his petite fingers, and comforted her, "Mama, you still have me. I will always be with you. Mama, don't be sad."
  • Su Meng hugged the weighty Little Kai Kai. After a good while, her heart finally felt soothed. She wiped away her tears and smiled embarrassingly at him.
  • "Sorry, Little Kai Kai. How embarrassing for you to have seen me like this. Mama won't cry. Let's go and have a big meal."
  • They had just reached the steakhouse before Su Meng discovered that Little Kai Kai's eyes had never peeled away from the phone's screen. "Little Kai Kai, what are you doing?"
  • She tried to peer closer at the screen. As if Little Kai Kai had eyes in the back of his head, he quickly moved the phone away.
  • "Are you doing bad things again?!" Su Meng scolded him.
  • After a few more taps, Little Kai Kai locked his phone, sat up, and responded, "Mama, let's eat."
  • "No! Give me the phone right now!"
  • Little Kai Kai helplessly handed the phone to Su Meng. With his cute baby-fat cheeks, he sighed like an old man. "Mama, it's not polite to play with the phone during mealtime."
  • Su Meng unlocked the phone and discovered nothing. All was normal.
  • Even though she still felt that Little Kai Kai had done something bad but she had no proof that he had done so. She could only put away the phone and comply, "Fine, fine fine. Mama won't play anymore. Dig in."
  • When darkness fell, Hu Yang and her family sat together and watched TV. All of a sudden, the screen turned black. A skull appeared out of nowhere and sang a lullaby with an altered pitch, "No one in this world is more loving than a mother. A motherless child is like a weed...."
  • This nearly caused Hu Yang to have another heart attack, and her only grandchild had a fever from the fright that night.