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Chapter 129 Accidentally Holding Hands

  • As the ship swung less and less, the screaming and shouting of the people onboard grew quieter and quieter, and finally the ride came to an end.
  • The people on the ship came down with faces filled with excitement, and the next batch included Su Meng and family.
  • Su Meng’s palm was sweating from her nervousness. After Su Yankai and his father got in, she got in beside Su Yankai with a stiff expression on her face.
  • On her seat, she could feel how her heart was beating like there was a little deer dancing inside, and her entire body was extremely stiff.
  • Suddenly Su Yankai yelped and clutched his stomach as he writhed on his seat, “Mama, my stomach hurts.”
  • Su Yankai’s yelping caught the attention of everyone on the ship as well as the staff members.
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