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Chapter 128 Watching a Joke

  • After coming out from the bumper car area, Su Yankai used one hand to hold Su Meng’s hand, and the other to hold Shen Yu’an’s hand, jumping up and down between them.
  • Su Meng no longer had that terse look on her face, and even though she still didn’t want to talk to Shen Yu’an, the air between the two of them wasn’t as stiff as when they first walked into the park.
  • She saw how Su Yankai was sweating so much, so she reached into her pocket to get some tissue, but a soft handkerchief came out instead.
  • That was the handkerchief Shen Yu’an passed to her so that she could wipe her face.
  • When she thought about how Shen Yu’an had been gentle and thoughtful, Su Meng’s heart softened.
  • Then she thought about how she had hoped to help Shen Yu’an and Kaikai form a stronger father and son bond through this outing. Since the whole issue with the bodyguards had been settled, she didn’t have to harp on these small details anymore.
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