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Chapter 126 Choosing Rides

  • Su Meng was still stunned as she thought about how everyone else was squeezing outside at the ticketing booth, then compared it to how they were now seated in a nice room with air conditioning and a staff member allowing them to pick any rides they wanted from a catalog.
  • She weakly said, “Aren’t we supposed to get tickets first?”
  • Shen Yu’an took off his mask and cap as he calmly glanced at her. But he didn’t answer her question and hurried her instead, “Choose the rides you guys want.”
  • Su Yankai was very excited when he saw the catalog. He sat in Shen Yu’an’s lap and took out the schedule he made the day before from his bag and bent over to choose the rides very seriously.
  • The staff member by the side smiled and gently replied Su Meng, “Miss, the entrance fees will be calculated together with the ride fees, so don’t worry about it.”
  • Su Meng didn’t stupidly ask about how much the ride fees would be. Compared to the entrance fees, the ride fees would definitely be some astronomical figure, so she wasn’t going to make herself look dumb.
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