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Chapter 125 Special Service

  • Shen Yu’an looked at how both mother and son were all red faced from being burnt by the sun and felt both angry and bad for them. He didn’t think too much about whether Yankai would reject him or not.
  • He stretched his long arms out and pulled Yankai into his arms. “Why did you run off like that?”
  • Su Meng suddenly realized her arms were empty and a weight had been lifted off her. She looked at the furious looking Shen Yu’an in front of her and was a bit stunned. “What are you doing here?”
  • Shen Yu’an was so angry he laughed. “If I’m not here, then where would I be?”
  • He looked at the queue that seemed never-ending and scoffed. “And how long do you intend to carry my son in the heat and queue for a ticket?”
  • Su Meng looked at how red Kaikai’s face had become and felt a little guilty. But when she thought about those grim faced bodyguards that followed behind Shen Yu’an, her voice hardened again.
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