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Chapter 124 Separating Angrily

  • It was very early in the morning, so there wasn’t much traffic. It didn’t take them long to reach the entrance of the amusement park.
  • It was the weekend, so even though it was barely 7am, the entrance was already packed with people.
  • Su Meng carried Kaikai out of the car and exclaimed when she saw the people, “Why are there so many people?!”
  • The next thing she knew, she felt stares from all directions and all her hair stood on end as goose pimples covered her back.
  • She looked at the luxury car behind her and the bodyguards that stood out from among the crowd and knew whose fault this was.
  • A luxury car and more than a dozen bodyguards in the crowd was way too eye catching. One look and you’d know that either some wealthy person was here or some celebrity had arrived.
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