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Chapter 123 Thank You Papa

  • Inside the Land Rover, Shen Yu’an pulled out a heated lunchbox from somewhere in the car and passed it to Su Meng. “It’s very early and I doubt you two had the time to eat breakfast. I got one of my house maids to prepare this.”
  • Su Meng had no idea what button he pressed, but two boards slid out from the car and created a simple dining table over Su Meng’s seat.
  • The breakfast in the heated lunchbox was not bad. The upper layer had generously filled egg dumplings and buns, while the lower layer was filled with a fragrant and tasty pork porridge.
  • Shen Yu’an even pulled out a plate of peeled lychees and bright red cherries from the fridge.
  • Su Meng wanted to say that Shen Yu’an had bothered too many people just to prepare everything, but when faced with the food on the table, she couldn’t get a single word out.
  • She looked a little touched as she looked at Shen Yu’an, “You’ve been very thoughtful.”
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