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Chapter 122 Paparazzi

  • After they got home, Su Meng went to the kitchen to cook and took this chance to call Yuan Xinlei.
  • The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. Yuan Xinlei sounded quite tired over the phone, “Hello? Mengmeng? What’s up?”
  • Su Meng found this a little strange. “Why is your voice so weak? Are you sick?”
  • Yuan Xinlei coughed on the other side of the phone and her voice remained low. “Yeah, I’ve caught a cold.”
  • When she heard that Yuan Xinlei had caught a cold, Su Meng felt bad about asking her to go out with them the next day, so she showed concerned instead, “Then you have to remember to see a doctor, ok? Or you want me to go over now and bring you to see a doctor?”
  • “Oh no no, it’s just a cold. You still have to take care of my godson,” Yuan Xinlei immediately refused her offer.
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