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Chapter 121 Family Outing

  • Before Shen Yu’an could respond to Su Meng’s invitation, Kaikai immediately protested.
  • “Why bring him along? Isn’t it good enough for you, me and Godma to go?”
  • He glared at Shen Yu’an through the rear mirror, and those eyes that looked just like Shen Yu’an’s were filled with contempt.
  • Shen Yu’an looked away from the rear mirror and focused on driving, as if he hadn’t heard anything the mother and son behind him had said.
  • Su Meng glanced at the cold faced Shen Yu’an in the rear mirror, then whispered into Kaikai’s ears, “Let’s get him to come along and help to carry things, ok?”
  • Kaikai thought about how his mother always had to carry a large bag full of all the things they would need during the trip every time they went out. His mother would always be so tired from carrying the bag that her shoulder would always ache and swell up. He looked at the much larger sized Shen Yu’an and accepted Su Meng’s proposal.
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