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Chapter 120 Taking the Initiative to Invite Him

  • After hearing what Shen Yu’an said, Su Meng still hadn’t connected the dots, and thoughtfully replied, “Since he got investigated, some kind soul must have reported Zhao Zhijun, right? This kind soul has actually been of great help to me.”
  • With that, Shen Yu’an turned the radio off and continued driving in silence.
  • Su Meng could feel that the man beside her was unhappy. At first she was puzzled, then when she thought about how Shen Yu’an had strangely turned the radio on earlier, she suddenly realized what happened and exclaimed, “CEO Shen, you’re the one who reported Zhao Zhijun?!”
  • Shen Yu’an realized this woman was really slow in reacting. He slowly nodded his head and acknowledged this deed.
  • Su Meng was very shocked. It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t touched at all.
  • Earlier she had felt very uncomfortable when Zhao Zhijun continued to harass her, and after he tried to rape her that night, she became even more disgusted and upset with Zhao Zhijun.
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