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Chapter 12 Mother

  • Other than Little Kai, Su Meng's only other relative was her mother. Bringing Little Kai to visit her after returning to the country was only natural.
  • Thus, early on the second day, she went shopping with Little kai Kai at the supermarket in preparation to visit Hu Yang.
  • Little Kai Kai was originally excited to go out, but after he had heard that he was going to his grandma's house, he instantly became reluctant.
  • "Grandma doesn't like me. I don't want to go."
  • Little Kai Ki might be young, but he had a stellar memory. He still remembered Hu Yang call him a bastard on the phone when he had been one years old.
  • Back then, he hadn't known what bastard had meant, but he had clearly heard the repugnance in his grandma's voice. Ever since that day he had never liked the grandma who resided in the faraway Hai City.
  • Su Meng knew of Little Kai Kai's emotional entanglement and also knew that her mother was not fond of Little Kai Kai.
  • However, one was her son and the other was her mother. At the base of it all, it was her fault for giving her heart away to the wrong person.
  • When Zhao Zhijun and Liu Liyun, those rotten cheaters, had schemed against her and brought her relatives and friends to witness her shame, she had been greatly humiliated before them and even angered Hu Yang to the extent of passing out.
  • Hu Yang had since then hated Su Meng for making her lose face in front of everybody and had not contacted Su Meng for half a year after that incident had occurred. When she had contacted her again and found out that Su Meng had birthed that stranger's child, her blood pressure had risen up again and gone to the hospital once more.
  • It was then that Hu Yang had determined Su Meng to be beyond saving grace. Little Kai Kai was then referred to as bastard child.
  • However, she was her mother after all, and Su Meng didn't have much loved ones left in this world. In order to fulfill her filial piety, she had chosen her mom over her son.
  • She buttered up to Little Kai Kai and said, "Little Kai Kai, we're going to see grandma. It'll just be one meal. After that, we'll leave right away, okay?"
  • Little Kai Kai kept silent and continued to stare down at his phone's screen, his fingers tapping away.
  • "Little Kai Kai. Little Kai Kai, Mama's begging you, please? Grandma is Mama's mama. Mama hasn't seen her in five years already. I miss her. Just accompany Mama to visit her just this one time, alright? Mama believes that when Grandma sees you, she'll like you."
  • Little Kai Kai looked at his mom's anticipatory expression and softened his stance. Like an adult, he helplessly replied, "Fine, fine. I'll go with you. But you have to promise one meal only!"
  • Su Meng smiled and kissed Little Kai Kai. "I know that my darling son loves me the most. Just one afternoon meal, I swear."
  • After a large shopping spree at the supermarket, they arrived at Hu Yang's house with big and small bags in each hand.
  • Su Meng excitedly looked at Hu Yang who had just opened the door. "Mother, I'm here to see you!"
  • Little Kai Kai flatly called out to her, "Hi Grandma!"
  • Hu Yang noticed Su Meng and Little Kai standing beside her. She immediately grew sullen and without breaking into a smile, she shouted, "Get inside!"
  • When they entered the house, Su Meng saw women about the same age as Hu Yang sitting in the living room and greeted them with a smile, "Hello aunties!"
  • Little Kai Kai greeted them as well, "Hello grandmas!"
  • The women sitting on the sofas did not recognize Su Meng but Su Meng was well-dressed and the child she held onto was polite, so they all turned to Hu Yang and asked, "Sister Hu, who's this? Introduce us!"
  • "That's right! This child's very well-taught! Very polite! How old is he?"
  • The normally passionate and sociable Hu yang suddenly turned callous. She ignored their questions and ushered her friends out the door. "I have guests, so I cannot attend to you. Come back tomorrow!"
  • Su Meng's smile disappeared, and she grew bitter and disappointed.
  • Five years had passed, yet her mother still had not forgiven her. She didn't even want to introduce her own daughter to her friends.
  • After they had left, only Su Meng, Little Kai Kai, and Hu Yang remained.