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Chapter 119 Tax Issues

  • After Zhao Zhijun had run home in a terrible panic the day he got drunk, he collapsed on the sofa as perspiration rained down his face. He didn’t have anymore of that arrogant urge to do something to get back at Su Meng that he had before, and now his heart was in total panic.
  • From what he knew about Su Meng’s character, she would definitely make a police report.
  • After divorcing Liu Liyun, he only had 30% of the company shares on hand. If news broke out about his attempted rape, then he would definitely lose his position as the Managing Director, and he would find it hard to continue living in Hai City.
  • So none of what happened earlier must be made known.
  • After he had decided on this, he thought about how he had spent quite a bit of money to get some connections to the government some time back. So he started making a number of calls and used almost every connection he had before finally settling this matter.
  • The next morning, he was still feeling uneasy, afraid that prosecutors would come knocking on his door.
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