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Chapter 118 Case Cancelled

  • Shen Yu’an continued to look straight at Su Meng and he said sternly, “You must promise me that if anything untoward happens to you next time, you must tell me.”
  • It sounded a bit too forward, so he added on, “It’s because you’re Yankai’s mother. If anything happens to you, Yankai will surely be angry once he finds out, and he might hate me for not taking care of you.”
  • Su Meng nodded vigorously. “I promise, if something like that happens again, I’ll tell you first thing. Can you open the door now?”
  • She really felt that she had to get out of the car now, because she was beginning to feel touched by the way Shen Yu’an had forced her to promise him that she would look for him if anything happened to her.
  • It had been a long, long time since anyone had said something like that to her.
  • In the past only her father and her grandmother would tell her things like ‘Mengmeng, you must let me know if anything makes you unhappy, because I would be worried if I see you unhappy’.
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