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Chapter 117 Promise Me

  • Shen Yu’an did not move his eyes away from Su Meng and said in a low voice, “You should try to trust me. I’m Kaikai’s father, and that’s a fact that will never change.”
  • Su Meng couldn’t stand it anymore after looking at Shen Yu’an’s eyes for a few seconds. She moved her gaze to stare at Shen Yu’an’s Adam’s apple instead.
  • As Shen Yu’an spoke, his Adam’s apple would move up and down without any particular pattern, and it looked quite sexy.
  • She started thinking that actually Shen Yu’an suited button down shirts. So with a tie and his sexy Adam’s apple, he would definitely exude a very manly look.
  • She had even thought of the color of the shirt and the pattern of the tie already.
  • Shen Yu’an generally had a cold expression on and didn’t like to smile. When he did smile, it looked fake, so he would look good in a white shirt and a tie with simple square motifs.
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