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Chapter 114 Do Not Bully Mama

  • In the car, Kaikai held on tightly to Su Meng, but his face was a little grouchy. “…you didn’t tell me about this yesterday, otherwise I wouldn’t have let him off.”
  • Su Meng kept her sunglasses on. “Babe, this is between adults, as a child you just need to obediently go to school. You have to trust that Mama can handle this matter.”
  • Kaikai looked at Su Meng a little doubtfully, “Really?”
  • Su Meng nodded a little dejectedly. “Of course. Is Mama a very useless adult to you?”
  • Kaikai sighed like a little old man, “But Mama does indeed look very weak…”
  • Su Meng didn’t know what to say. Everything about her son was wonderful except this part. He always felt that she was very weak and needed his protection.
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