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Chapter 112 Where Her Own Mother Really Disappeared Off To

  • Su Meng didn’t expect the day would come when she would hear her own mother ask her what sort of upbringing she had.
  • Her heart felt stuffy and she started to tear up. She apologized, “I’m sorry Mum, I forgot to check the time.”
  • But actually it was only around 9:50 PM. It wasn’t early, but it wasn’t late enough for a phone call to be considered a disturbance to others.
  • Hu Yang had gotten the upper hand with the way she started the phone call. After hearing Su Meng apologize, she continued to use the same nasty tone of voice to talk about Su Meng’s late father and grandmother.
  • “I really have no idea how your father and grandmother brought you up. Have you no basic manners? Don’t you know you shouldn’t be calling people at night for no reason?”
  • Su Meng always kept a good temper in front of Hu Yang. You could even say she had no temper at all in front of Hu Yang.
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