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Chapter 111 Comforting Kaikai

  • Su Meng anxiously held onto her phone as she entered the house and her voice trembled, “Darling, where are you?”
  • She could still hear Kaikai’s sniffling through the phone, and her heart was in her mouth.
  • Kaikai opened his room door and stood there barefooted with the phone still in his hands as he pitifully called out, “Mama…”
  • Su Meng immediately ran over to hug Kaikai tightly, and didn’t even realize she was on the verge of tears. “You silly boy! Where were you hiding? You almost scared me to death!”
  • Kaikai held onto Su Meng’s neck and replied softly, “I was scared to be all alone, so I hid myself just now.”
  • Kaikai normally behaved like an adult, so when she heard him say he was frightened in such a small and pitiful voice, Su Meng’s heart nearly broke.
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