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Chapter 110 He Got Away

  • Su Meng’s mind went blank when Zhao Zhijun suddenly attacked her.
  • Then she used her fingers to jab Zhao Zhijun’s eyes and kneed him in the nuts.
  • Zhao Zhijun put a hand up to his eyes as he held his legs together tightly, the pain making him howl loudly.
  • Su Meng had broken free of his grip, but she stood there and couldn’t stop trembling.
  • All the people strolling in the estate were attracted to the sound of Zhao Zhijun’s howling, so once they saw how Su Meng’s clothing had been pulled open and Zhao Zhijun was clutching his groin, everyone knew immediately what just happened.
  • “How dare this man do something like this out here in front of everybody! What an animal!”
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