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Chapter 11 Suspicion

  • While Su Meng lectured Little Kai Kai on the stolen account, Liu Liyun on the other hand seethed with fury about the hacked Weibo post.
  • She had smashed everything in her room to pieces before she turned to vent on the seller whom she had bought the bag from.
  • She should not have been so stingy and even felt lucky for it.
  • She had thought that a 120,000 purse could not be counterfeit and also believed a substantial amount of money had been saved at this price in contrast to paying the full price of 180,000 for the exact purse on the official website.
  • However, upon seeing the post, the seller had immediately feared repercussions and long unfriended Liu Liyuan.
  • After she had seen "You are no longer friends with xx. Please send a friend invitation to send messages." pop up on her screen, she forcefully threw her newly-bought iPhone away.
  • Coincidentally, Zhao Zhijun who had just walked through the door was hit squarely in the face by the phone.
  • His nose was in the line of fire. It stung with pain, prompting his eyes to reflexively well up with tears.
  • He had rushed back home from his company after he had seen the Weibo post. Coupled with Liu Liyun throwing her phone at his face, Zhao Zhijun exploded with rage like a firecracker.
  • He strode up and shoved Liu Liyun to the bed so roughly that she rebounded a few times.
  • "Are you fucking out of your mind? Do you intend to murder your own husband?! I didn't work my ass off just so that you can use my money to buy fake bags! 120,000 for a knockoff! How impressive! Why did I ever marry a dumb woman like you?! Let's not talk about you wasting my hard-earned money! What the hell is wrong with your womb?! Five years and nothing!"
  • Liu Liyun had already been angry after her grievance today and after she had heard Zhao Zhijun's tirade, she could no longer control herself and berated him, "Then go back and find your Su Meng! She's truly stellar! After you guys had divorced, she birthed another man's child and that kid's still kicking! Seek her and see if she's still willing to take your sorry ass in!"
  • Stunned, Zhao Zhijun queried, "Su Meng's back? You saw her?! Where did you meet her?!"
  • Liu Liyun had never expected such a reaction from Zhao Zhijun. Livid, she grabbed a pillow and threw it at him. "Beat it! Get out of my sight now! Go find your precious Su Meng! We're divorcing!"
  • Just like that, the scene ended in discord with Zhao Zhijun walking out.
  • Liu Liyun sat among the mess, furiously wiped away her tears, and swore, "Five years ago, I was able to kick you out of the country. This time, I can do the same and make you homeless again!"
  • After she had cried, she wiped away her tears and began to use her network of connections to gather information about Su Meng.
  • After all, if you knew yourself and your enemy, you would never be defeated in battles.
  • Once he had left the house, Zhao Zhijun sat in his car and lit a cigarette. He then thought of what Liu LIyun had said earlier, ".... After you guys had divorced, she birthed another man's child and that kid's still kicking!" His fingers on the steering wheel quivered.
  • He was sure that he had a grasp on Su Meng's personality.
  • Su Meng was dumb and had a one-track mind. He didn't think that she would immediately find another man, get married to him, and birth him a child soon after their separation.
  • Then, did that mean that the child was his?
  • He recalled that right before their divorce, and they had done it once without protection.
  • He and Liu Liyun had been married for five years, yet they remained barren. This was always his source of distress, and he had an inkling that the problem might lay with him. However, as a man, his ego would not let him openly admit to it. As a result, he had always blamed it on Liu Liyun.
  • Zhao Zhijun grew giddy with excitement at the prospect of him having a child who was now living in Hai City.
  • He needed to find a time to see Su Meng and the child.