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Chapter 108 Bastard Child

  • The moment Su Meng left, Kaikai’s face fell. He refused to look at Hu Yang who was still trying to bootlick Shen Yu’an, nor look at Shen Yu’an, who was still smiling politely, and went ahead of them.
  • Shen Yu’an had met countless people like Hu Yang, and if not for the fact that she was Su Meng’s mother and Kaikai’s grandmother, he would have lost his patience by now.
  • When he saw that Yankai had angrily walked off by himself, he quickly said, “Kaikai has gone in already, let’s quickly go in too.”
  • Hu Yang nodded vigorously. “Yes yes let’s go!”
  • On the way in, she continued to walk right next to Shen Yu’an, and put on a wonderful show of looking like the doting mother who loved her daughter very much.
  • “CEO Shen, all these years, Meng Meng has suffered a lot because of Yankai. She gave birth to him overseas, without anybody to rely on, I really don’t know how she managed at all. Every time I think about how Meng Meng suffered just to bring up Yankai, my heart really aches,” Hu Yang said as she wiped her tears away.
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