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Chapter 105 Continue Sending

  • After reaching home, Kaikai sat down on the sofa with a grim face and used the most serious voice he could muster to tell his mother, “Mummy, I want to say this very seriously. You are not to take that man’s car anymore, because he has ill intentions towards you!”
  • Su Meng nodded, “I didn’t want to take his car either, but we woke up late today. Let’s wake up earlier tomorrow, ok?”
  • Kaikai was still unhappy. “Why do I have to avoid him and not the other way round?”
  • Su Meng looked at how Kaikai was behaving like a little adult, his index finger drumming constantly on his knee, and knew he was up to no good again.
  • “Su Yankai, what nonsense are you planning again? I’m warning you, you’d better not forget how I punished you the last time. If you do something bad again, I’ll be really angry this time.”
  • Kaikai looked back begrudgingly, “I’m not going to do anything bad, just going to find something small to disrupt his operations. Once he’s busy at work, then he won’t come looking for us anymore. I’m doing this for your sake.”
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