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Chapter 104 Quarrel

  • When she got off work, Su Meng saw Shen Yu’an’s car waiting downstairs again, and she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
  • He pulled a long face when he sent her to work in the morning, but still came in the evening anyway.
  • She pretended not to see him and refused to walk over no matter how many times Shen Yu’an honked.
  • In the end, he drove all the way up to her. Shen Yu’an was still wearing his usual sunglasses as he said to Su Meng, “Get in, Yankai is waiting for you.”
  • Su Meng pretended not to have heard him, and Shen Yu’an unexpectedly honked at her again.
  • This honk shocked everyone waiting for a cab along the road.
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