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Chapter 103 Reconsider My Offer

  • The car was silent with the exception of the sound of the air conditioning.
  • Shen Yu’an pretended to be driving the car very seriously, but his eyes would steal a glance at the very grumpy Kaikai through the rear mirror every now and then.
  • Kaikai pulled a long face from the moment he got into the car. Whenever he caught Shen Yu’an stealing glances at him in the mirror, he would glare back at Shen Yu’an.
  • But he was still young and his face was still round and chubby, so he didn’t look threatening at all. Instead, Shen Yu’an felt that his son was actually pretty adorable.
  • As he drove he thought to himself that if he was going to pick up the little boy often, then he should buy a child seat, otherwise it would be too dangerous for the little boy.
  • Su Meng had no idea what Shen Yu’an was thinking. She pursed her lips as she sat at the back, her heart in a panic.
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