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Chapter 102 Send You to Work

  • Shen Yu’an had breakfast in the car, then looked through several documents. The time was now half past seven, and there were now several children with schoolbags as well as office workers carrying document bags leaving the estate, but he still didn’t spot Su Meng and Su Yankai.
  • He continued to stare at the lobby without moving, afraid that he would miss the two of them.
  • But even after ten minutes had passed, they hadn’t appeared.
  • He began to worry that he had missed them when he took a moment to look at his documents earlier.
  • Shen Yu’an’s fingers couldn’t help but start drumming on the steering wheel, but he never looked away from the lobby.
  • Finally at 7:50, he saw Su Meng and Su Yankai emerge from the lobby in a hurry…
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