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Chapter 101 Persuading Her Old Mother

  • Su Meng and Little Kai Kai’s unwelcome expressions were too obvious. Shen Yu’an’s fatherly love brewing within his heart had all of a sudden froze over.
  • He knew that suddenly appearing in front of him as his father and wanting to win Yankai’s trust and like was a difficult task. Not to mention, no matter how he looked at the child, he was intelligent for someone of his age. In fact, he was just like a mini adult.
  • As a CEO and someone with thin skin, he had not been treated like this in many years. After sitting for not too long, he got up and left.
  • After Shen Yu’an had left, Su Meng hugged Little Kai Kai and forcefully kissed him a few times. She continuously praised him, “Oh my, darling! A big, big thumbs up! Remember to always display this attitude before the Shens! That way, we will never have to part!”
  • As for Shen Yu’an’s bullshit contractual marriage proposal, he can screw off!
  • If she wanted to marry, whether authentic or not, it’ll have to wait until her next life!
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