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Chapter 10 Weibo

  • Regardless of how high Little Kai Kai's IQ was, he was still somewhat fearful of Su Meng's temper. Upon hearing her tone, he lowered his head.
  • Yuan Xinlei didn't know what had happened, but she noticed Little Kai Kai shrinking into a ball. She pulled him into her arms and glared at Su Meng. "Meng Meng, why do you have to be so mean? You're scaring my poor baby! Little Kai Kai, it's alright. Godmother will protect you."
  • Little Kai Kai immediately grew displeased. He broke away from her grasp and looked her in the eyes. "Godmother, this is my fault. Don't blame Mama."
  • In the next second, Su Yankai sincerely apologized to Su Meng, "Mama, I'm sorry. I won't do this next time."
  • Su Meng crossed her arms across her chest and asked, "And what wrong did you do?"
  • Little Kai Kai raised his head to eye her, then lowered his head again, and kept silent. His lips were pouting, a clear sign that he was inwardly willful.
  • The vein on her temple violently throbbed. However, she repeatedly reminded herself that her son was only four. Little Kai is only four! Be patient with him! Patience!
  • Yet, it was exactly because he was four-years-old and had stolen a Weibo account with hundreds of thousands of followers on it. To what lengths would he go to if he was older?!
  • Little Kai Kai was extremely intelligent, but he was simply too young. He would do thingson a whim and often without consideration for consequences.
  • Su Meng was happy for Little Kai Kai's high IQ, but she was also worried that he would do things without deliberation and get into trouble one day.
  • She took a deep breath and placed Little Kai Kai on her lap.
  • Little Kai Kai couldn't help but wrap his arms around her neck and pout his lips in grievance.
  • Su Meng sighed and held his chubby face in her hands. "Mama knows that you did it for me. That's why you stole that person's account and sent that post to claim justice for me. However, stealing someone else's Weib account is against the law. You are a good child. Do not ever do something like this, okay? Mama will worry."
  • Little Kai Kai wrinkled his nose and answered, "Okay, I know. I won't ever steal and use someone else's account ever again."
  • But his thoughts ran contrary to his promise. Looks like I'll have to be careful next time. Can't let Mama know.
  • Mama's too timid. If she finds out, she will freak out.
  • After she had gotten Little Kai Kai's promise, Su Meng kissed him on the forehead and exclaimed, "Now this is Mama's good little boy!"
  • Yuan Xinlei who sat on the opposite side had figured out the truth after she had heard their conservation. She stared at Little Kai Kai in disbelief and queried, "Meng, you meant that the Weibo post was actually sent out by Little Kai Kai? He hacked the account? He's only four!"
  • Out of excitement, Yuan Xinlei had not lowered her voice when she had spoken. The people nearby their table consequently turned their focus on them.
  • Embarrassed, Su Meng told her, "Xinlei, quiet down."
  • Yuan Xinlei had heard from Su Meng that Little Kai Kai had a high IQ, but she had never imagined the four-year-old boy to be a hacker and successfully steal other people's accounts.
  • She thought that Little Kai Kai was rather impressive to be able to do such a thing and subsequently gave him a thumbs-up. "Little Kai Kai, Godmother is very proud of you! As a man, it is your duty to protect your mother!"
  • Su Meng could not believe that Yuan Xinlei had praised him and angrily eyed her. "Little Kai, do not listen to her nonsense! Remember what Mama just told you. Xinlei, do not teach him ways of the wrong!"
  • Yuan Xinlei sniggered as she happily scrolled down the posts and comments with the hash tag "Fluffy Cloud Fairy ".
  • But she was afraid that Su Meng would truly get upset with her. Thus, she held in her laughter until her lungs felt like collapsing.
  • She whispered to Little Kai Kai after Su Meng had gone to the washroom, "Little Kai Kai, did you really hack the account and send that post? It's too well-written!"
  • Little Kai Kai licked his ice cream and coolly responded, "That's nothing! I used big data to search the most popular Weibo diction and then used the most effective style of writing. No big deal!"