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My Genius Son And His Billionaire Daddy

My Genius Son And His Billionaire Daddy

Update: 2022-09-25

Chapter 1 Caught Red-handed

  • Su Meng felt hot, very hot.
  • Her body felt as if it was ablaze in a wildfire. Her consciousness was slipping away.
  • All of a sudden, an icy touch brushed against her. Without a care, she clung onto the source.
  • How soothing....
  • She opened her eyes again and looked around the unfamiliar room. Her head was like mush. She couldn’t remember anything.
  • Yet, the scent in the air and her languid body reminded her of the sin that she had committed yesterday.
  • If her husband, Zhao Zhijun, knew of it, her life would be over!
  • As soon as this thought flashed across her mind, a loud knocking sound resonated. At the same time, she heard a known voice calling her.
  • “Su Meng, I know that you’re inside! Open up! Open this damn door right now!”
  • It’s him!
  • Her body shivered, and her mind went blank.
  • What to do?! What to do?!
  • Before she could come up with ideas to deal with the situation, the angry Zhao Zhijun broke through the door. A herd of people flooded the room.
  • Besides Zhao Zhijun, there were also Su Meng’s parents, relatives, and friends.
  • Without the need for an explanation, Su Meng’s current state already stated the obvious. Everyone knew what she had done last night.
  • His eyes reddened with fury, and a vein bulged from his neck. Zhao Zhijun glared at Su Meng as he raised a hand and struck her cheek. “You tramp! You shameless skank!”
  • His slap was quite forceful. Su Meng’s head was still ringing. Her face turned numb.
  • Ignoring the pain and shame, she wrapped the bed blanket around her, dropped to the floor, and hugged Zhao Zhijun’s leg. “My love, I’m sorry. I’m sorry! Forgive me, please! Aaah!!”
  • “You bitch! How dare you ask me to forgive you! I’ll beat you to death right now! How dare you cheat on me!” Zhao Zhijun raised his leg and viciously stomped her, rendering Su Meng immobile for a long while.
  • After they had witnessed this, the bystanders finally moved and rushed up to stop Zhao Zhijun, afraid that he would lose his rationality and kill her.
  • Restrained like an angry bull, Zhao Zhi Jun hollered at Su Meng, “Su Meng, we’re over! Don’t even think for a second that I’ll take you back!”
  • Su Meng’s heart ached with guilt and regret. Tears streamed down her face.
  • Despite the searing bruise on her chest, she nonetheless retorted with whatever breath left within her, “No!”
  • They had originally divorced to buy a house and promised each other that once the house was bought, they would remarry again. She had just received the house yesterday, so why did it turn out like this?!(TN* In China, the mortgage rate and down payment for people’s second house are significantly higher than that of the first one, and so many opt to get a divorce in order to bypass the policy and buy the house at a cheaper price.)
  • Just then, someone from among the crowd abruptly shouted, “Aunty!”
  • Su Meng’s mother was not in the best of health. Upon seeing her daughter do such a disgraceful act, she had passed out from mortification.
  • The scene became chaotic.
  • Beyond the hotel doors was the loud siren of the ambulance, but just a few steps back stood a calm Zhao Zhijun and a young woman locked in an embrace.
  • “Babe, what a brilliant scheme. After today’s commotion, our relationship can surface.”
  • If Su Meng was beside them, she would immediately recognize the woman in Zhao Zhiijun’s arms. The woman was none other than her university roommate, Liu Liyun.
  • With exquisite makeup on her face, she curved her bright red lips in a smug smile and kissed Zhao Zhijun. “Hubby, I love you. May we never part for life.”