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Chapter 98 Take A Serious Note

  • "Amy of course." Callan responded to the skinny woman.
  • "The fuck is your ex wife doing here? I thought she has given birth to six kids for another man and had moved on with her life?" Joan Ansel asked angrily.
  • "Are you trying to be a nuisance, Joan? You seduced and deceived me in the past into keeping an affair with you eventhough you know that I am a married man. Did you think I ever loved you? No, I did not. So stop acting like you are important to me," Callan said to Joan.
  • "What! You are speaking to me this way just because of this trash!" Joan Ansel pointed to Amy.
  • "If you dare to call me trash again, I will teach you a lesson," Amy intercepted.
  • "Amy Owen, you are a fucking trash!" Joan Ansel said.
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