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Chapter 80 Boss!

  • "And so what? As if it was entirely his fault. Infact, you were the reason behind it," Amy said. 
  • "Miss Cleo!" Michael called and walked towards her. 
  • "Please don't come close to me. Tell your godmother to leave here with these people," Amy said. 
  • Nell had an angry look on her face," you must be feeling yourself now because the most powerful man in NorthHill identified himself publicly with you and even called you his woman. Speaks so much of whom you really are, a slut! You have seduced the most powerful man in NorthHill with your craftiness, wow! Wow!" Nell clapped. 
  • Amy became very enraged at Nell. How could she refer to her as such name? 
  • "Mother, please don't call miss. Cleo a slut. She's not. She's going to be your daughter in law soon so please be understanding towards her. Ba must be mistaken when he announced her as his womam," Michael said. 
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